How To Pick The Right Windows & Doors For Your Home

What Should You Look For When Picking New Windows & Doors?

The windows and doors of your home are essential to keeping the inside of your home comfortable and protected. Unfortunately, I hear a lot of complaints from homeowners regarding their windows and doors. Are they drafty; do they leak; are they hard to open? Typically, new homes have builder-grade windows and doors, which is alright, but they aren't great and don't last. So if you are about to get new windows or doors, do your research. Choose a high-quality product and find an experienced and reputable installer backed up by a solid warranty. Having a product and installation warranty is critical to a successful window installation. 


Home Exterior Renovated By Intelligent Design, Unit 178

Home Exterior Renovated By Intelligent Design, Unit 178


So, what should you look for if you are considering new windows and doors? Check out these tips before you make your final decision.


What Are The Different Types Of Window Materials? 

Windows are typically made from wood, vinyl, aluminum and fibreglass, and all have pros and cons. Wooden windows are great but require a fair amount of maintenance, especially in harsh climates, like what we experience in Canada. Plus, they come at a premium. 


Find high-quality windows at Total Home Windows & Doors, Unit 33, 167, 76

Find high-quality windows at Total Home Windows & Doors, Unit 33, 167, 76


High-quality vinyl windows are an affordable, energy-efficient (Energy Star Ratings) and easy-to-maintain choice for homeowners. Wood frame windows are typically 20%-30% more expensive than vinyl windows, while aluminium windows are 30% more expensive than vinyl windows. 


What Factors Should You Consider When Picking Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are a great choice and work perfectly with today's modern architectural styles. They have higher insulation values and can save money on energy and heating. Any good quality made window will be Energy-Star Rated and should qualify for any home upgrade rebate program. 


However, it’s important to understand the different options available so you can pick the right product that will last with your home. 


Make Sure You Choose High-Quality Vinyl Windows

One of the most important things to check for when purchasing vinyl windows is if it is uPVC.This is a very high-quality vinyl that does not bend, crack or fade. It is also weather and fire-resistant, and most high-quality manufacturers have a lifetime warranty on the product.  


How Many Chambers Should Your Window Frame Have

The second thing you want to look for is the number of chambers in the window frame. Cheaper windows typically have 2 or 3 chambers.

The more chambers you add the more expensive it gets. However, as windows are considered a big investment you want to make sure you’re purchasing a high-quality product from the start, which will save you more money down the road.

You may want to consider multi-chamber windows that have 10 to 12 chambers. Having a  higher number of chambers helps to protect your home from changing temperatures. They are also more energy efficient and provide structural integrity, which is especially important for large expansive windows.


Should You Pick Windows With Fusion Welded Corners?

Another important factor is choosing windows with fusion welded corners, not glue or screws. When it's fused, the finishes are embedded and cured into the vinyl so the colour will not fade. 


Talk to window experts and find high-quality windows and doors at Total Home Windows & Doors, Unit 33, 167, 76

Talk to window experts and find high-quality windows and doors at Total Home Windows & Doors, Unit 33, 167, 76


Which Type of Window Spacers Is The Best? Super Spacers Are the Best

Spacers made from rigid materials, like metal spacers separating the glass, do not allow the natural expansion and contraction of the glass within the frame. This in turn can result in stress cracks that lead to sealant failure, gas fill loss, and condensation between the panes. 

One of the best window spacer systems is the Super Spacer. Compared to other window spacer systems, it helps resist condensation better and significantly increases glass surface temperature. It also has good sound absorption, reduces stress on sealants, and has good heat flow resistance.


Is Glass All The Same When It Comes To Windows?

Wrong. The type of glass you use in your windows is also an essential factor, and most homeowners don't usually think about this. However, glass has different levels of UV protection. For example, for south-facing rooms with the sun all day and huge windows, experts suggest a higher low-E to prevent the penetration of UV rays.


Find high-quality windows at WD Craftline, Unit 156 

Find high-quality windows at WD Craftline, Unit 156 


What is Low-E Glass? 

Low-E (low-emissivity) glass is coated with a low-emittance material designed to reflect heat and comes in different grades. In the summer, a window composed of Low-E glass blocks ultraviolet radiation that causes heat generation. On the other hand  in the winter, it absorbs UV rays and allows more heat to enter. 

The room's temperature will be more comfortable the better insulated the window glass.


Why Is It Important To Hire A Professional For Window Installation? 

Your windows are only as good as the installation. For high-quality windows to perform at their best, proper installation is necessary. 

Installing new windows is expensive, so you want to make sure it’s done right! Do your research and work with an established company with a good reputation. That means a manufacturer's warranty program that backs their product, and a warranty for the installation work.




It is essential to work with a company that employs its installers and does not sub-contract. Many retailers have their warranty on the product, plus the manufacturer's warranty, and if a sub-contractor is involved, they, too, will have their warranty. 


Be aware of what is covered before you commit.


Another reason to work with a professional is that many different styles and models of windows can be overwhelming. For example, basement windows differ from the windows used in the rest of the home. 



What Is The Difference Between Double, Triple or Four Pane Windows? 

A window pane, also known as glazing, is a sheet of glass that separates the inside of your house from the outside. Two or three panes are used in double-pane and triple-pane windows, respectively.

Double-pane windows are adequate and excellent at insulating your home for the typical homeowner.


Talk to window experts and find high-quality windows and doors at Total Home Windows & Doors, Unit 33, 167, 76

Talk to window experts and find high-quality windows and doors at Total Home Windows & Doors, Unit 33, 167, 76


However, Triple pane windows will be the better option if insulation and energy efficiency are your top priorities and you live in an area with extreme or changing weather. 


Are Triple Window Panes Good In Blocking Out Noise ?

Depending on where you live, outside noise levels could also be a concern. The best solution is typically going with a triple pane window or four panes —althoughfour panes may be excessive for most homeowners. 


Pro Tip: If noise is a concern, choose casement windows and not sliders. Sliders have gaps which lessen the soundproofing.  


Window Casement from WD Craftline, Unit 156 

Window Casement from WD Craftline, Unit 156 





Tips For Selecting A Front Door! 

An updated external door can improve curb appeal. But other than looking nice, your front door's primary purpose should be to prevent burglars from entering your home. Therefore, it has to be strong, durable, and have a solid frame! You shouldn't be able to kick it in without breaking it. Your door should also open and close correctly. 


Another crucial factor to consider is that your front door should prevent air from leaking out and water from getting in. 


Find high-quality front doors in various styles at Total Home Windows & Doors, Unit 33, 167, 76

Find high-quality front doors in various styles at Total Home Windows & Doors, Unit 33, 167, 76


Many different exterior door styles, types, and price points are available. The most popular materials for external doors are wood, steel and fibreglass. Fibreglass is great for replicating the look of wood with low maintenance. However,it must be insulated and have a multi-point lock, as some fibreglass doors can have warping issues. 




What about Safety When it Comes to Exterior Doors?

Most homeowners choose a solid door without glass. However, you can still have a secure external door with a glass component, but you must select the appropriate glass. 

For example, six mils laminated glass creates a more substantial barrier than ordinary glass of the same thickness, making it difficult for burglars and intruders to breach. 


Pro Tip: Add laminated glass in the basement and first-floor windows for added security.


Talk to the experts at WD Craftline, Unit 156 about your front door upgrade. 

Talk to the experts at WD Craftline, Unit 156 about your front door upgrade. 


Does Your Front Door Need a Storm Door?

Storm doors can add extra protection to your exterior door and your home. Screen doors are both stylish and functional. They are also very effective at bringing in natural light and ventilation. Not many people like them, but I'm a fan. However, if your front porch has an overhang or covered area, you may not need a storm door.


​​Storm Door installed by Total Home Windows & Doors, Unit 33, 167, 76

Storm Door installed by Total Home Windows & Doors, Unit 33, 167, 76


Changing a Window into a Door – Is Easier than you Think

Making a window into a door is possible, and although it may seem daunting, the process is not as complicated as you would think. Converting a window into a door can dramatically change your home's flow, provide additional light and ventilation, or create more accessible access to the outside.

The first thing is to note what kind of exterior you have: brick, siding, or stucco – as all of these require different tools and methods.

How To Convert A Window Into A Door If The Exterior Is Brick?

But let's say your home is brick, and you want to reconfigure your kitchen, move the window or make the window into a door. Working with a brick exterior is the most challenging scenario, but it’s not impossible.

After the site visit, the process starts with cutting the exterior brick down to the vapour barrier. Once the brick is cut out you must turn it so the fresh-cut edge faces the inside to give a more natural look. The build-up on the opening will then need time to set overnight. After day one, your home will be closed appropriately, so it is protected and safe. 

Note, the top of the opening will require more support depending on the width of the space. Increasing the opening length is more straightforward, as you may not need additional support. On the contrary, increasing the width requires more work as you need to make up for the lost support that’s been cut out.

On day two, the framing will be cut to create the opening, for example, a set of French doors. Then a new threshold is installed, the sill, and the doors. Then we do the interior and exterior finishes; with interior trim and exterior cladding. And that's it! Done!


Window – to – Door Conversion is NOT a DIY Job

Cutting a new frame -even from an existing one - does need a permit, as the permit ensures that the work will be up-to-code when complete. That includes ensuring the exterior wall is secure enough, especially if it's load-bearing. Depending on the work done, you may need a new header or to re-route electrical wiring and adequately insulate around the frame.

A professional company will help you determine the best size for your new door, whether choosing a standard size or custom size door. Custom-order doors will of course take time and cost more, so keep that in mind when budgeting and planning your reno.


Talk to the experts at WD Craftline, Unit 156 about enlarging your window or converting your window into a door.

Talk to the experts at WD Craftline, Unit 156 about enlarging your window or converting your window into a door.


Proper installation is essential to ensure your new doors are secure, square, level and plumb. Your door installation also needs to include appropriate sealing and insulation.Finally, you want the finishing done professionally – including trim and replacing brick.


How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Window Into A Door

The approximate cost is $3,000.00 and up. This includes:

  • The lentil support cutting.

  • The removal of the brick.

  • The sill.

  • Disposal and installation.


It's much easier to convert a wide window into a door, especially if you are thinking about French doors. French doors typically cost between $2,000 and $6,000 to install, depending on the material and the size of the window. 


When replacing your doors and window, there are many things to consider, but when the time is right, make sure you do your homework and contact the experts at Improve Canada. Their window and door experts will help you find the best options for your home and budget. Contact them today to find out more.




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