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My name is Sam Regan. Over my 15 years in the renovation industry, I’ve noticed that people always struggled with design and uncertainty while renovating. I know my clients loved what we brought to the table but figured there had to be more we could do to complete the picture. That’s why I started the Intelligent Design Group. Now our clients not only get a beautiful renovation, but they enjoy the process even more, as they have the choice to be fully involved or not at all. 

We are helping to create spaces that reflect you and your lifestyle. By taking care of the whole process from the very beginning of planning until the project is finished and you are ready to move in. 

Moreover, with our 2-year peace of mind warranty, you will be in good hands. Our staff is there every step along the way, so the process is seamless and you always get an Intelligent Design. 


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3D designs are a fantastic way to try it before you buy it so to speak and to experience what space can really do for you before investing.


Hiring a professional contractor who provides a quality service should be similar to that of a professional service from an accountant or a lawyer. If you didn’t trust that your lawyer had your best interest in mind you wouldn’t hire them, this is the same thing for your contractor. I strongly believe that if you think your project is going to take six months and the warranty offered by your contractor is two years, you should be excited for the next 2 1/2 years working with this professional or find someone else. When you trust that your contractor has your best interest in the forefront of their mind, you’ll be more excited to get started and you’ll love your renovation process.


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7250 Keele Street, Unit: 178
Vaughan, ON L4K 1Z8

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