5 Pieces Of Furniture That Will Get A Jaw-Dropping Reaction From Your Guests

When it comes to furniture, pieces that get a jaw-dropping reaction are fairly self-explanatory. These are pieces that are designed to make a statement! Obviously, you want that statement to be something that will leave your guests and visitors scrambling to pick up their jaw from off the floor. To that end, there are a lot of different things you can try. One important thing to remember is that unless the piece is something that truly reflects your own personality and taste, the statement piece won’t accomplish much.



A true statement piece is something that accurately reflects your passions and interests, particularly when it comes to interior design. You don’t have to be an expert on interior design when it comes to finding statement pieces. You simply have to find things that speak to you. From that standpoint, you are going to be amazed by just how much is out there.


Furniture Shopping: How To Find Statement Pieces

Shopping for statement furniture pieces isn’t as challenging as one might think. One useful tip to remember is that unless you are dealing with a particularly large space, don’t bother trying to purchase multiple pieces for a single room or area. The idea with a statement piece is that you are creating a focal point for the room. This is a furniture item that should dictate the impression your space leaves on someone, and trying to make space for multiple statement pieces in a single room can create a muddled, haphazard atmosphere.



Another important thing to keep in mind? Statement furniture pieces can come in a wide variety of provocative, engaging and unique forms. Let’s take a look at five pieces of furniture that can function flawlessly as a statement piece for any room you may have in mind:


The potential of colour. This isn’t a furniture piece specifically, but it is an important element to consider with your statement furniture. A powerful colour like black or red can create a dynamic centerpiece to your room. Regardless of the piece of furniture that you ultimately choose to purchase, make sure to pay particularly attention to the colour.



A chair fit for a king. Not many items attract the human eye like an exquisite, luxurious chair. With a chair that looks like it’s straight out of Buckingham Palace, you’ll have a furniture piece that no guest to your home will overlook. piece of furniture like this can add an element of royalty to a space and really up your overall interior design and decor game.



A grand dining table. We all love to host dinner parties for friends and families at our homes. Bringing together the people we love to share good food, drinks and conversations will always lead to a good time. While you’re having fun with friends and family, why not give them something to ogle over like a magnificent dining table?



Headboards. In terms of furniture that can work as a statement piece, headboards aren’t always the first thing that people consider. But why not? As you will find with a little research, headboards can come in a variety of different forms and styles. If you want a unique statement piece for your bedroom, think about the immense value of a headboard.



Artistic console table/side table. Finally, one of the best ways to impress people with your eye for interesting furniture pieces is by having something artistic. A console table or a side table may seem underwhelming when you’re thinking about acquiring a statement piece, but you shouldn’t overlook the potential of these tables. With an intricately designed side table, you can have something that oozes with unique detail and fascinating design elements.



Beautiful Furniture For Any Room In The House

Any of the five options listed above are sure to get that jaw-dropping reaction from any guest to your home; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Depending on where you think you can improve your furniture, mirrors, armoires and sideboards are just a few more options that you can also consider. Lucky for you, Improve Canada has over 30 showrooms dedicated to all kinds of furniture for you to peruse and get inspiration.


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