6 Tips to Enhance the Design of your Living Room

Your living room is where you spend much of your time with family and friends, which is why so many people understand the importance of investing in this space. While you want to impress your guests, you also want to make them feel comfortable and welcome. With the 6 tips listed below, you can make your living room the top spot in your home.


Create space with mirrors


If you have a relatively small living room, you want to make it appear more spacious. One of the most effective and easy ways of doing this is by adding one or more large mirrors to the room. Make sure, however, that you do not place the mirrors opposite or adjacent to one another or it can create quite the visual illusion. Instead, you should place them on a single wall or on walls that do not reflect one another. The mirror will reflect the room and thereby make it look larger.


Attractive ceiling



Many people think of paint, furniture and decorative items when sprucing up their living room. One of the main areas that is often neglected is the ceiling. You can make the most of the ceiling by adding ceiling tiles or a stretch ceiling. When you add a pattern or mural to your ceiling, you are also adding colour and emphasizing a particular theme. It's also a great trick if you want to attract attention upwards in order to help make the room appear even more spacious. It's also great for covering unsightly ceiling features like popcorn ceilings or visible damage.


The right furniture


Shopping for furniture is another important step when it comes to the design of your living room. Apart from the colour, fabric and design, you should also consider the visual weight of the furniture you wish to buy. Visual weight refers to the heaviness perceived on a visual level. Those with a lightweight appearance make the room appear larger, while those with a heavier appearance make the room seem smaller. Lighter colours help create a lightweight effect while darker colours achieve the opposite.



If the furnishings obstruct an area, it will make that area seem smaller. So try to keep everything as open as possible. Glass tables are popular because they complement a wide variety of styles, and they do not take up as much visual space as a wooden table because of their transparency. Bulky furniture should be avoided if you have a small space. Your sofas should have thin arms and any chairs should be armless.


Create an accent wall



Accent walls are excellent for attracting attention to a specific part of the room. They can help create a particular theme and atmosphere. Again, just like everything else in the room, it's important to choose the right design and colours. Darker colours make a space feel smaller and lighter colours help create the impression of more space. Different colours also affect our moods in various ways. For example, green is soothing and calming, and studies show that it aids in learning. Two of the best ways of creating an accent wall without paint include wall murals and wall panels. Both are stylish, easy to install, and easy to maintain.


Colour selection



Even if you have chosen to add an accent wall, you will still need to choose colours for your ceiling and the rest of your walls. It's important to choose colours that complement the mural as well as your furniture so that nothing looks out of place. Neutral colours are popular because they offer great flexibility in terms of interior design and décor. Neutral colours also help create a more spacious environment.




A dark living room will not be too inviting and one with harsh lighting can be overwhelming. This is why it's good to opt for several forms of lighting in this room. Natural lighting is best during the day, so make the most of it. You should have some kind of overhead lighting which will light the whole room if you plan on enjoying some kind of game night. Soft lighting like lamps can also come in handy when you simply want to relax, enjoy a glass of wine and talk about your day. Remember, you can also choose between warm and cool lights. Warm lights have a yellow appearance and cool lights have a white appearance. White light is great if you need to focus on something, but it can be hard on the eyes and people with a sensitivity to light can experience headaches.



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