Lux Trim

Lux Trim

Lux Trim can enhance the appeal of your home with their custom mouldings and unique décor products. Working with the finest materials, impeccably tailored designs, and a service that can be categorized as efficient and clean, Lux Trim brings a lot to the table. With so many options for custom ceilings and singular wall décor, you are certain to find something that will beautify your home in spectacular fashion.

Lux Trim’s services cover a gamut of essential needs in this area. From custom designs, to a seemingly endless assortment of possibilities for mouldings and paneling, they offer many different ways to transform your home. Special paint application is offered, and they can also work on accent wallpapers, chandeliers, sconces, tile accents, columns, and much more. These products are also made from the finest materials available, which ensures these products will not only be made to suit your tastes, but they will also be long-lasting.

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7250 Keele Street, Unit: 18, 16, 17
Vaughan, ON L4K 1Z8

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