5 Ways you can Make your Ceiling more Interesting

In the past, ceilings were not usually seen as a potential canvas for adding style to a room. Today, however, experience says otherwise, and there are plenty of new and exciting ways to make your ceiling one of the top visual aspects of a space.



Apart from a fresh coat of paint, there's so much that you can do to ensure that your ceiling looks its best and here are five ways to do just that:


This idea is best reserved for higher ceilings because they can easily make a room feel crowded. Of course, it's great for making large rooms feel cozier, not to mention the great texture and style. Remember to choose your fabric carefully. There are many different colours, patterns and fabrics to choose from. Many people prefer to opt for a neutral tone so that they have the freedom to redecorate the room without having to order a new fabric. Some maintenance of the fabric might be required from time to time. You can also ask about protective treatments to keep your fabric ceiling looking its best.




There is an amazing beauty in simplicity. Sometimes a complex design can make the room appear cluttered. To avoid this, you might like to opt for a wood ceiling. Wood adds a lovely natural touch, as well as warmth and elegance. You can use real wood or you could choose faux wood instead. For example, there are ceiling tiles with imitation wood designs. Not only do they replicate the colour of real wood, but their design also includes the finer details. This option is great if you want something lightweight and inexpensive.


If you opt for natural wood, keep in mind that it can change colour over time, which means that the colour you buy is not the colour you will enjoy after, let's say, ten years. This is a completely natural process and it takes years to occur. In fact, it is not even noticeable unless you compare the current state of the wood with the way it looked in photographs taken years ago.

Wall decals

Wall decals can be used to add something unique to your ceiling. There are plenty of designs on the market that won't break the bank. You can choose the perfect decal based on the size of the room, the colour scheme, theme, and your personal preferences. If you cannot find your favourite design already made, you can always opt for a custom decal instead. The cost of the decal will depend on the size and complexity of the design. In most cases, custom designs will cost more than the readymade designs.



Glass is another excellent option but it is not necessarily suitable for all rooms. Due to privacy concerns, some people prefer to use glass ceilings in communal areas like closed patios. It gives you the feeling of being outdoors and allows plenty of light to fill the room as well. You can also enjoy the sky at night and, if you enjoy watching the rain, you'll love the view thanks to your crystal clear glass ceiling.



Murals are not only made for walls. They can also be used to decorate your ceiling. That said, if you are trying to give the room a specific theme, you might want to combine the two. Some popular ceiling mural designs include fluffy clouds with a blue sky, a starry night and underwater scenes. You could even opt for something a bit more abstract if you prefer. There is one thing for sure when it comes to ceiling murals – it will completely transform the room!

Once you have made up your mind regarding the best ceiling option for you, it's important to make sure that you find a reputable supplier. It's also a good idea to find out about installation. In some cases, installation does not require any experience. However, if you do not feel like you are capable of installing a ceiling mural, a wood ceiling, or any other type of new ceiling, you might want to take a moment to inquire about professional installation. If the supplier does not include, or at least offer installation, they might have some recommendations on hand.


If you are not sure about which option to choose or if you are confused about colours, contact an interior design expert for personal assistance. Not only will they take into account the colour and theme of the room, but also its size. They will help you select the best option to improve your ceiling while maximizing the space available and keeping your budget in mind. Take a look through our listings at Improve Canada to find the best Canadian vendors and professionals.


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