5 Unique Things You Can Do With The Walls In Your Home

When it comes to the walls of our homes, we tend to underestimate the number of amazing things we can do with them. After all, we are talking about a part of our homes with considerable design potential. Unfortunately, we tend to settle with the status quo most of the time.



During a reno, we tend to add a new coat of paint, or we hang up a couple of pictures. To be sure, there is nothing at all wrong with either of those things. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that you have other options that are far more interesting and surprising.


As you are going to discover in this article, there are a lot of fresh and exciting things that you can do with the walls in your home.


Five Interesting Things You Can Do With The Walls Of Your Home


Flat wallpaper, eggshell paint and semi-gloss interior paints are often seen as the standards for decorating the walls of your home. Again, there is nothing really wrong with these choices. Still, if you feel like doing something a bit more creative, you shouldn’t have to settle for the same old thing.



Do something fun with your wainscot. When it comes to wainscot, we are talking about a form of wall covering that starts at your floor, and usually goes up to the middle of your wall. People often paint wainscots white, but who on earth said that had to be the norm?


The truth of the matter is that a wainscot, which is usually made from wood beadboard, can be painted with a wide range of different colours. You can also consider wainscoting that is made from tile, rather than wood. That can be a simple way to do something unique with a room.


Living walls. This one is a bit more radical than the suggestion mentioned above. Nonetheless, this can be a perfect idea for anyone who truly wants to break away from “normal” modes of décor. More and more homeowners are looking for ways in which to add greenery to a room. Using plants such as moss, cacti, and succulents to create a living wall is a great way to accomplish this.


Stone and tile. While this isn’t something that will work in every room, using stone and tile for the walls can be perfect for a living room. You can also find this effect in the dining room. There are even those who choose to include this in their bedrooms. Regardless of what you go with, the benefits are clear. You are getting something durable, aesthetically-pleasing, and easy to maintain. This is another nice way to bring natural elements into your home.



Accent Walls. Accent walls are great for adding colour AND an artistic flair to your walls. They also offer a perfect solution for anyone who truly wants the opportunity to customize their home. With accent walls, you have a tool for home décor that is far more flexible than you probably suspect. Look at some examples online to get an idea of what we are talking about. In terms of elegant patterns alone, the possibilities are going to strike you as just about endless.



Furthermore, an accent wall is perfect for accentuating certain architectural features in your home, like alcoves and chimney areas. The possibilities the come with accent walls are great for the simple fact that you can add them to just about any room you want.


3D Wall Panels. Ok, now these are really cool. 3D wall panels are just so wonderfully lively and dynamic, as they are great for creating a sense of movement on a home’s walls. You can use 3D wall panels to introduce a watery, wave effect, a luxurious block design or a 3D tile look.



If you’re looking to create a mesmerizing focal point in a room, introducing 3D wall panels is a very effective way to draw the eye and make an impressive statement. When it comes to doing something unique, 3D wall panels are about as unique as you can get.


The above represents a good sample of the wonderful possibilities that are available to you. Remember that stone and tile are not your only options for creating texture. You would be amazed at what you can achieve with some texture and plastic. There are very few limits to what you can really do to your walls. All in all, there are some stunning options available to homeowners who want to do something different with the wall in their home.


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