Improve Canada Celebrates Persian New Year

Persian New Year is a special holiday that honours the family home. To celebrate this special holiday, Improve Canada is hosting our first Nowrooz Bazaar ever! Celebrations for the new year and new home improvements for your family began yesterday and continue today until 7PM. Everyone is welcome and our 350 showrooms feature expert consultants to speak with you about all your home improvement needs to refresh and renew your living space for 2017.

The Nowrooz Bazaar features sweets, nuts, snacks and so much more! As well, there is live entertainment, food and dancing to be enjoyed with your loved ones and friends. 

Fresh flowers and a stunning display of Haft-Seen grace Canada's largest home improvement shopping centre. With 320,000 square feet of glass and marble, you'll be amazed by how much home improvement shopping you can do at this one-stop shopping mall while enjoying the incredible festivities honouring Persian culture.


Improve Canada will be open until 7PM this evening for all your home improvement shopping needs. Please join us as we continue to celebrate and honour Persian New Year and this joyous time of renewal this Spring! 

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