Six Tips to Make Your House More Luxurious

July 18 2017 Owning a house can be overwhelming and often be a cause of stress. It can be difficult to keep ... Read more

Buying the perfect AC 101

July 13 2017 Here’s the 411 on what you’ll need to know when making your purchase Read more

You're Invited to Our Grand Opening Event!

April 24 2017 Our official Grand Opening event is this upcoming weekend! Read more

Improve Canada's Interview with HGTV ...

April 21 2017 Save the Date! Scott McGillivray is speaking at Improve Canada's Grand Opening Read more

Meet Steven Sabados!

April 12 2017 Sign up to meet Steven Sabados at Improve Canada's Grand Opening event and receive a 2 minute ... Read more

Marketplace Toronto

April 01 2017 Canadian International Real Estate Marketplace to announce Marketplace Toronto on April 4th at ... Read more

The Ultimate Kitchen Cabinetry Designs

March 23 2017 One of the hottest kitchen trends this year is modern and sophisticated kitchens that function ... Read more

Improve Canada Celebrates Persian New Year

March 19 2017 For the first time ever Improve Canada is hosting the Nowrooz Bazaar and everyone is invited! Read more

Persian New Year Celebration at Improve ...

March 15 2017 Join us for a weekend of Persian New Year celebrations! Enjoy the special Nowrooz Bazaar as you ... Read more

Top 5 Tips to Improve Kitchen Functionality

March 12 2017 5 tips to stylishly improve the design and functionality of your kitchen Read more

Stylish Modern Kitchen Trends for 2017

March 06 2017 With 50 showrooms featuring gorgeous, contemporary kitchen designs, Improve Canada is a homeowners ... Read more

Top Kitchen Trends for 2017

March 06 2017 With 50 showrooms featuring gorgeous, contemporary kitchen designs, Improve Canada is a homeowners ... Read more

Inspiring Home Décor and Style Trends This ...

February 24 2017 Get inspired this Spring mxing patterns to create gorgeous spaces like this bathroom design by ORRO ... Read more

5 Smart Ways To Improve® Your Kitchen ...

January 20 2017 Storage expansion is one of the more pressing issues in kitchen design. Here’s a simple list that ... Read more

Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua on Improve

December 21 2016 Last month, hundreds of business owners, industry professionals and more piled into Improve to see ... Read more

Step-by-Step Renovation Guide: Kitchen ...

December 21 2016 The prospect of renovating your kitchen cabinet in Toronto can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. ... Read more

How to Make Your Ceiling Visually Higher

December 21 2016 Hannah Flower & Landscaping Ceiling height is an issue that affects many home-owners today, and not only the extremely tall ... Read more

Take advantage of the Healthy Home ...

December 21 2016 Georgian Renovations If you are a senior (65+) or caring for one you can be eligible for tax rebate of up to $1500 on ... Read more

Rise of Scandinavian Minimalism in Interior ...

December 21 2016 Nordic countries are famous for their socialist policies, IKEA, sauna and functional minimalistic ... Read more

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