Top Home Colour Trends For 2017

If you like to be part of an ongoing trend when it comes to something like home colours for 2017, there are many possibilities you can consider. You can almost certainly find something that matches your personal taste, while also adhering to the trends of the moment. Good home colour trends can retain their charm and benefits for quite a long time, as well.


Major 2017 Home Colour Trends


A few of these emerging trends have surprised us. With others, it will be curious to see where they go in 2018 and beyond. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top home colour trends that helped define interior design in 2017.


Pink isn’t just for girls. It has taken many decades, but we are finally seeing some of the gendered expectations with pink falling to the wayside. Millenial pink, also know as tumblr pink, scandi pink or coral pink, has really helped fuel pink's revival in interior design. Pink shades like rose quartz and pale dogwood have also become very appealing options for homeowners. 



For a mood enhancer, you really can’t beat the various complex emotions that can be expressed by this colour. You can dip your toes into experimenting with pink with soft shades that are easy to work with because they are compatible with many other colours; or you can dive in with more bold shades of pink. Whatever your interior design goals are, pink is definitely a colour worth considering for your next project.


Calming blues. It isn’t likely that blue will ever fully disappear from the home colour landscape, but it is nonetheless compelling to watch the different shades of blue that become popular over others. For example, a light, serene blue has proven to be extremely popular with homeowners in 2017. These shades of blue are noted for their subtlety and the way they create a relaxing aesthetic to any room.



Tropical green?! It sounds a little ridiculous, but check out some examples of tropical green as a home colour trend. This colour has become a hit with homeowners, and a lot of that is because the colour is far more versatile than one might think. Part of tropical green’s popularity can be explained by taking into account the fact that people love all things retro.


Clash of colours. In 2017, we are no longer forcing people to stick with colours that will complement each other. This is still important, and there is nothing wrong with going that route, but it is no longer the only path available to you.


Whether you are hiring someone to handle the painting in your home, or you are opting to handle the painting yourself, don’t be afraid to play around with clashing colours. You’ll be surprised at how many unique combinations actually work well together.


Worldwide colour inspiration. People are no longer limiting themselves to their geographic location when it comes to choosing colours for their home. For example, if you live in San Francisco, you shouldn’t have to stick solely to colours that are common, or “make sense,” in the buildings and rooms in that part of the world.



Where do you want to go in the world? What are the countries, cities and towns that define your own sense of wanderlust? Take time to answer these questions, and then take yourself there with your colour choices. You are going to find yourself connected to a level of possibility and inspiration that you never dreamed possible.


At the end of the day, the most important thing with choosing the colours for the interior of your home is that you choose something you will be pleased with. You can also make changes later on, although this can get a little expensive. Interior design involves a number of particulars, and this is certainly true with the colours you choose to define not only the space, but also your personal tastes.


The above trends are only a small sample of what we have come across this year. That being said, they give us a clear idea of the many trends that defined 2017. The year is almost over, but taking these trends seriously is still worthwhile. They are going to give us a clear idea of everything we can look forward to, over the course of the next year and beyond. There is a lot to get excited about already.


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