The Vaughan Home Show presented by Improve Canada


Home shows are great events for homeowners and those who work in the home improvement/home renovation industry. Hundreds of home improvement vendors descend onto a single location to showcase the latest and greatest products and services that will improve the look and functionality of homes and commercial spaces.



During a home show, all of the latest trends are on display. People come from far and wide to see what’s going to be a new and intriguing feature in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor living, interior design, and so much more. For homeowners about to start a home renovation project, and architects, builders, contractors, and designers working on reno projects, a good home show is like a second Christmas.



For many people in Toronto and the GTA, there are only a couple options for annual home shows, and they take place in Toronto and Mississauga. For many homeowners and tradespeople, those locations aren’t always geographically convenient.


That’s why we’re excited to announce that Improve Canada will be hosting the very first Vaughan Home Show from May 4 to 6. This will be the first home show to be hosted in the city Vaughan, and it will bring a home show to the backyards of thousands of homeowners and tradespeople.



Improve Canada is the first home improvement centre of its kind in Canada, which makes it the perfect location for a home show. With over 350 home improvement vendors already present inside the centre, plus the additional vendors that will set up booths between May 4 and 6, The Vaughan Home Show is sure to be a can’t miss event.


The upcoming spring and summer trends are going to be front and centre during the Vaughan Home Show. All of the innovative designs and products for the interior and exterior of residential and commercial spaces will be showcased by our in-house vendors and the outside vendors being invited to our home show.



The Vaughan Home show will also provide learning opportunities to all attendees. Being the epicentre of home improvement in Toronto and the GTA, Improve also serves as an educational centre for everything having to do with home improvement. To that end, there will be a number of seminars and workshops that will take place during our home show. Many of the vendors will give talks and demonstrations relating to home improvement, and we will have a number of well-known designers give talks during the home show, like Kate Davidson of Kate + Co. Design Inc.


These seminars and workshops will cover a range of topics that will touch on every aspect of renovation and home improvement. They will happen every day of the home show at various times throughout the day.



Additionally, there will be many opportunities for attendees to win prizes that they can put towards a renovation. At the top of every hour during The Vaughan Home Show, there will be a giveaway for a $250 gift card to Improve Canada, which can help jump start any renovation project.


With so much to do and see, The Vaughan Home Show is the home improvement event you’ll definitely want to check out. You can learn more about The Vaughan Home Show by visiting our event page here. We hope to see you there!


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