The Ultimate Kitchen Cabinetry Designs

One of the hottest kitchen trends this year is modern and sophisticated kitchens that function impeccably well. Question is: do you have to sacrifice style for functionality? Previously, we shared tips and ideas to improve overall functionality in the kitchen without losing style. In this feature, we will look at innovative ways to make use of gorgeous custom cabinetry in your kitchen and dining areas to maximize efficiency and storage without sacrficing style. Building a book shelf to store all of your recipe books or a small island for a mini-breakfast bar with storage are perfect examples of how you can use custom wood cabinetry to create more functionality, especially in smaller spaces. 


Custom build your cabinets vertically and horizontally all the way to the ceiling and walls. This will ensure every inch of space is utlized efficiently for maximum storage potential. By selecting a narrow, rectangular refrigerator appliance as the one showcased in this custom kitchen built by the owners of Oak and Tenon, countertop space is preserved without losing the overall functional design elements. Spotlight important areas of the kitchen with strategically installed lights on the ceiling to illuminate the highest highest shelves for easy access. Use a mix of over-hanging, stylish lights and under-cabinet lighting to illuminate work zones, such as the sink, island, and stove top, and showcase beautiful backsplash tiles for an added touch of sophistication.


Smaller spaces may pose functionality and storage challenges, but larger kitchen spaces present a new host of challenges: what to do with all the empty space, especially across a large baring wall. One innovate and sleek interior design idea to consider is creating a stunning butlers bar or custom wall unit complete with a fireplace like this one. This gorgeous custom piece is made from Canadian Ply for the interior and Maple exterior. With an assortment of unique laminates to provide accents, this wall unit encompasses several materials in order to achieve the beautiful piece Oak and Tenon has designed. The added elegance of the focal fireplace compliments the wooden wall unit, table, chairs and accents to create a space that is modern but also warm and inviting.


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