Rise of Scandinavian Minimalism in Interior Design

There are several characteristics that make Scandinavian minimalism so appealing to urban dwellers: one is illusion of space, achieved via combination of natural light and white or near-white surfaces. Second is simplicity, cluttered space is an added distraction in an already distracting information age, freeing oneself of clutter opens up a way for a new sense of awareness. Clarity and subtlety rule this minimalistic style, and if that is the feelings you’re trying to achieve in your space, read on for more specific suggestions.

Monochromatic and light wall-coverings: whether you’re opting for paint or wallpaper, keep your walls near-white, the surface will reflect the incoming light, thus enhancing the perception of larger space. 

Keeping main surfaces light does not mean you don’t get to include your favourite colour in the scheme: use it for accents. In Scandinavian minimalism primary colours (red, yellow and often blue) are most frequently used to accentuate, but any bright version of the selected colour would do. 

This style loves wood, both natural and painted white. Eco-friendly repurposed wood table could become a focal point of your minimalistic dining room, while dark wood flooring adds warmth and coziness to the bedroom. 

If natural light is an issue, but the budget allows, consider adding a skylight to the room. No lightning fixture will compare with this gorgeous but costly solution. 

Speaking of lights: industrial and modern fixtures are perfect for creating the desired effect. 

For pillow upholstery and drapery look for nature-inspired prints and patterns. Geometric prints also do well in this kind of setting. 

Keep it simple as far as the tiles go: my favourite kitchen backsplash is covered in reflective white tile.

Use fresh flowers, potted grass and blooming brunches when adding final touches, they will not only entertain the eye, but also help maintain the fresh and simple ambience you’re going for.

Hope this short list will guide you in the right direction. For more Pinspirations, follow us on Pinterest and Instagram @improvecanada Good luck with your future renovations and happy IMPROVing!

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