Modernize Your Bathroom with these 5 Tips

While you might not spend as much time in your bathroom as you do your living room or kitchen, it's an important part of any home. Not only does it need to appear neat and clean, but it also has to make your guests feel just as comfortable as you are when using your bathroom. If you have not updated your bathroom in a while, here are 5 handy tips to help you make this practical space the best it can be.


Updated fixtures

The style and colour of your fixtures are often a very obvious sign of the last time you made any improvements. Fortunately, this is one of the cheaper upgrades you can make and there are plenty of superb options available. When replacing the fixtures in your bathroom, you should try to create a uniform look. In other words, you want to use the same colour fixtures on your sink and bath or shower. You also want to make sure that any towel rails and similar additions also match in terms of colour and style. These days, simple is often the top choice with minimal detail to each design. This makes the fixtures timeless and easier to clean.

Restore or replace



If there are certain aspects of your bathroom that are worn or dated, you might not have to replace them. For example, if the coating of your bathtub is scratched or damaged, you could have it recoated. Some might say that it's cheaper to buy a new tub, but the new tub you buy may not be of the same quality as your current bath. Consider what the bath is made from before comparing prices. Also, if you want to maintain a certain look or feel to the room, it's a good idea to keep as many of the original pieces as possible.

New flooring


Inspect your bathroom floors for damage and wear. Tiles are a popular choice for bathrooms because of the regular use of water in this room. That said, your tiles can become damaged over time and the grouting can also come loose. If you notice that the tiles are in fairly good shape but the grouting is not, you could opt for a quick fix by redoing the grouting. If the tiles are cracked, chipped or otherwise give your bathroom an outdated look, you may want to replace them. Remember to always order extra tiles to allow for cutting and trimming as well as replacement tiles. This way, if one of your tiles is damaged in the future, you can simply replace this tile without replacing the entire floor.

New lighting

Many people use the bathroom when applying makeup, doing their hair, and so on. If you have ever tried to apply makeup in dim lighting, you will know just how difficult it can be, which is why it's important to have the right lighting in your bathroom. Cool lighting or white lights are often preferred for this reason. If you like, you can add some warm lighting too, but you should always have the option of cool lighting near the bathroom mirror. While updating the lighting, consider updating your light fixtures too. Choose something simple or a design that will match the other fixtures in the room. Make sure that the materials used will hold up in a humid environment.

Clean and declutter


It's amazing what a little cleaning and organizing can do! Bathrooms often lack storage space but you can install neat cabinets to store such things as towels and personal hygiene products. Some people like to add shelves and repurposed boxes or crates to create storage space. Just remember that every open space will need to be cleaned and dusted regularly whereas cabinets with doors do not.

When sprucing up any room in your home, it's not only about the look of the room. It's also important to think about regular maintenance and functionality. For example, a shower door will need regular scrubbing and, despite this, will still become an eyesore after a few years. On the other hand, a shower curtain can look stylish thanks to modern designs. Shower curtains can easily be replaced if they become too unsightly and you are no longer able to clean it completely.



Furthermore, things like tiles are great for protecting the wall around your bath or shower, and the right wall mural can truly transform the entire room. Always consider the size of your bathroom before decorating. Lighter colours help create the appearance of a larger space and so do fewer lines (grouting lines of the tiles). To keep the look timeless, opt for neutral colours that are not likely to date and simply spruce it up by adding colourful hand towels and other decorative items.

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