Meet Steven Sabados!

Steven Sabados is a master of home décor inspiration and ideas! The iconic international designer, entrepreneur and television host, Steven Sabados, has launched a new website Sabados.com and new label. The S&C label includes upholstered furnishings, custom rugs, lighting, bedding and linens and decorative objects, all produced with different manufacturing partners. Inspired by his passion for home design and home décor, this IMPROVE Canada article explores 3 home décor elements that are often overlooked by home owners.

The first is molding. Timeless and rich in texture, molding adds a classic character to any living space. To incorporate modern molding into your home décor, consider adding picture-frame molding on your walls or crown molding medallions on your ceiling. This effect is especially spectacular in formal dining and entertaining spaces.

The second is marble fireplace mantels. If you are new home owner, consult with your builder and ask about marble upgrades to showcase your grand fireplace. Marble is often overlooked in modern, contemporary fireplace design which will only increase its value as a rare and timeless focal point that anchors your living space. A marble mantel is the ideal foundation for art, sculptures and your most precious family photos depending on the feel you wish to create. Best of all, marble remains a secure home improvement investment when it comes time to resell.

The third is lighting. Lighting of the most spectacular ways to update and modernize any living space. With so many options to choose from, upgrading or replacing lighting has never been easier. For a more elegant style trend, designers tend to favour chandeliers and with so many new modern styles to choose from, the possibilities for what type of chandelier you select are endless.

Looking for more specific expert consulting for your home décor project? The first 60 people who register and agree to the terms will receive a 2 minute décor consultation with Steven Sabados. The consultation is restricted to one room in your home and advice will not include any renovation information that involves structural issues, plumbing, electrical areas. To learn more and to register, please fill out this form: http://woobox.com/oh2x2h

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