Improve your Home with these Tile Flooring Ideas

Tiles have come a long way over the years. The number of designs from which we can choose today have multiplied exponentially compared to just a few years ago. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are some ways to improve your home with tile flooring.

Diamond flooring

If you choose three different colours, you can create an amazing contrast. Many homeowners choose to use different colours to create diamond shapes. Think about using two vastly different colours like black and white with a warmer shade like beige. To create the diamond appearance, you need to cut your 12” tiles in half from one corner to the other. You will need to place a row of your first colour with corners touching instead of lining up the flat sides. You can fill in the gaps with a row of white tiles and then add a row of beige. Follow with another row of white, black, white, and beige. Continue this pattern until the floor is covered. It's also worth mentioning that this is definitely a job for a professional.

Intricate designs

Consider opting for an intricate repeating pattern but take care to keep your room plain. You don't want to use patterns everywhere and create a design that is confusing to the eye. For example, plain cabinets, worktops and walls in your kitchen paired with a highly detailed floral floor pattern in colours that suit the colour scheme of the room.

Graphic patterns

Graphic patterns are perfect for a modern twist. If you choose this type of design, you want your floors to stand out so you can include some colours that complement the rest of the décor while having a bold colour that stands out.

For example, if your room is mainly black and white, you could use black and white as the main colours for your tiles and add a splash of red for that boldness every modern setting needs. Graphic patterns are abstract and extremely pleasing to the eye.

Staircase detail

If you want your staircase to look even better, consider patterned inlaid tile risers. You can use a single pattern or several patterns and alternate between them. Make sure that colours suit the colour of the stairs and railing. Also, keep the surrounding walls neutral and light – white is a good colour for the walls since it keeps the space uncluttered and clean. White is also easier to repaint since you will not need to match the colour.

Select two patterns

Choose one for the exterior – the outline around the room and the other for the interior. Use one or two rows for the exterior, keeping in mind that this depends on the size of the tiles. Then add the other tiles to the middle. This is really fun because you can mix and match and get really creative. The tiles in the middle will have a similar effect as a rug in the middle of a room. You want the colours and patterns to work well together so take care when making your selection and don't be afraid to ask a professional for advice.

Give your room direction

Use at least two different tiles to help create a sense of flow or direction in a room. For example, you can use lighter tiles around the edges and darker ones in the middle where you will most likely walk from the entrance hall to your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, or other parts of the home. This is also a great way of separating spaces in homes that have an open concept.

Create more space with geometric designs

Geometric forms with various shades and straight lines are great for creating the impression of a more spacious room. You can include some darker shades but, for the most part, people choose lighter colours to maximize the light in the room and give it a more airy feel.

Bold 3D designs

3D floor tile designs can really set your home apart from the rest. These designs are almost hypnotic but, remember, just like any other intricate pattern, it's best to keep the rest of the room simple so that your floors stand out and to prevent that cluttered feel.

Timeless Checkerboard

The checkerboard design has been enjoyed for many years. Today, it's that glossy finish that we love the most. Perfect for entrance halls, kitchens, and other large rooms. Pair with gold fixtures and you're all set!

Never underestimate the importance of quality flooring. Tiles provide a great option for the flooring in your home when you want to enhance your home’s interior. At Improve Canada, you will find an impressive list of home improvement experts, including tile flooring professionals, who will help you transform your home for the better.


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