Improve your Home with these 4 Lighting Tips

The right lighting can make all the difference in any room. Lighting is both practical and decorative, which means the lights you choose can make or break the style. This is where these four handy lighting tips will come in especially handy.

Combining 3 types of lighting

The first tip to remember is that there are three main types of lighting: ambient, task and accent lighting. These three types of lighting work together while each serves its individual purpose. Ambient lighting is for overall illumination in the room. Task lighting is when the light is placed directly over an area that needs to be lit like work zones. Accent lighting is more decorative in nature. These lights are often used to light things like a work of art, sculpture or another decorative item. By combining these three lighting elements, you ensure that every area of the room is beautifully lit.


Pendants, Lamps and Wall Lighting

Now that you know what kinds of lighting you will need, it's time to consider their styles. For your ceiling, you might like a chandelier or pendant lights. They are excellent for lighting and for creating a stunning focal point in the room. That said, it's important to always install such lights only if you have high ceilings. Pendants can also be installed over worktops because you will not be walking under them. For regular to lower ceilings, it's best to use regular ceiling lights. This way, you will avoid the risk of bumping your head. While they might seem simple in design, there are plenty of options from which to choose. Metallic styles are perfect for a modern look while ceramics are excellent if you want to create a softer atmosphere in the room.


Other types of lights can be used if you do not want a ceiling fixture. Lamps offer fantastic light and they can serve as task and ambient lighting. Lamps will require some space like a coffee or side table. Even when you are not using the lamp, it can also add style simply by choosing the right design.

Wall lights are also great for lighting a room without taking up too much space. Like ceiling lights, they are available in various styles and colours. The design you choose will help you create the perfect atmosphere.

Lighting Based on the Size of the Room

Lighting does not only transform the style of a room, but it can also change the way we perceive its dimensions. With the right light, you can make a small space look bigger. For example, wall washers can be used on a relatively large portion of the ceiling. Uplighters can bounce the light onto the walls and ceiling. If you want to light all four corners of the room, you will need to position your lights perfectly. If the ceiling is low, you should use lightweight-looking light fixtures. Vertical light beams can also prove beneficial. In some cases, low hung pendants can also create the illusion of height.



As for larger rooms, you will most likely need more lights in order to light the whole room. So, you can have a main light that grabs everyone's attention; but you will also need extra lights throughout the room in order to avoid dark spots.

Modern versus Traditional or Vintage


Your lighting can also help you give your room a very specific look. For a modern style, you could opt for LED lights or anything with a bold-coloured fixture or modern-inspired shape. Linear shapes are particularly popular in modern settings as are polished materials. If you are looking for something with more of a vintage touch, you should look for a design that suits this particular time period. There are plenty of options available and several colours from which to choose too.


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