Improve Canada's Interview with HGTV Celebrity Scott McGillivray

What inspires you most, Scott?

Scott: I’ve always been inspired by the idea of helping people reach financial freedom through real estate. The cost of housing has gotten crazy and homeownership is getting further and further out of reach for so many people.  My goal is and has always been to educate people about how to make sense of homeownership and how to make it accessible for more people.  I’ve also been working closely with Habitat for Humanity to bring more attention to the growing issue of affordable housing.

What are you most passionate about as a leader in home improvement and design?

Scott: My passion has always been real estate investing and value added renovations. When you do the right home improvements, and you do them correctly, you can add immense value to a home. But it’s not easy – particularly in this market. You have to have a deep understanding of the market and the numbers to make it work.

 What project are you currently working on that brings you the most joy?

Scott: The biggest project I’ve got in the works right now is a new show for HGTV.  I’m really excited about it because we’re doing some travelling and filming with people in both Canada and the United States. In this show I’ll actually be partnering up with people and investing my own money into the renovations. It’s never been done before on a home reno show and I’m really excited to see where it goes.

 What’s your favorite room in your home? Why?

Scott: We haven’t lived in the house for very long so in some ways we’re still settling in, but the kitchen has definitely become the hub of our house. As much as my wife and I love our home offices, we still end up with everything piled on the kitchen counter.  It doesn’t matter how big or small your house is – everyone always ends up in the kitchen!

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