Halloween Spook-tacular

The leaves are starting change colour, and the days are getting shorter, which can mean only one thing: it’s almost Halloween. We’re only one week away from this special day; so it’s time to get those decorations up, pick out your costume, and get your stomach ready for all of the candy you’re about to send its way.


Here at Improve, we’re getting into the spirit of Halloween with our Halloween Spook-tacular event. The event is running on the 28th (Saturday), 29th (Friday) and 31st (Tuesday), and its going to be a big one. We’re bringing in decorations for the mall, pumpkins, candy, and haystacks, because we are planning a number of different activities that will be fun for the whole family.


We’ll be kicking things off on the Saturday and the Sunday with pumpkins…. a lot of pumpkins. On both days, we will be handing out free pumpkins for an arts and crafts activity that is as synonymous with Halloween as witches and ghosts. That’s right, we’re going to be handing out pumpkin for families to carve and/or paint, and we will be setting up various stations where families can work on their pumpkin.



This is sure to be a great activity for families, and in the end, you will have something else to add to the Halloween decorations you’ve set up at your home. We can’t wait to see the interesting designs you and your family come up with for your pumpkin.


You will also find haystacks set up at different areas throughout the mall in a very picturesque fashion. They provide the perfect opportunity to get some great family Halloween pictures. When you find a haystack, be sure to stop and take a photo.



The main event, however, is on Tuesday…Halloween night. Improve will be open for special hours (from 5PM – 9PM), during which, kids and their parents can drop by the mall for the most sacred of Halloween traditions. We’re talking of course about getting free candy.


On the 31st, we invite parents to bring their kids to Improve to get their trick-or-treating done. We will be setting up numerous candy stations throughout the mall, so you can assure your kids that there will be plenty of candy for them to get their hands on.  


The ghosts and the ghouls have taken over Improve, so it is sure to be the ideal, spooky atmosphere that your kids will enjoy walking through as they seek out the next candy station. Be sure not to get too close to ghosts, we’re not sure which are decorations and which are actual ghosts.  



We have three days of fun that will be full of pumpkins, spooky decorations and candy that the whole family can enjoy. We hope to see you at the Improve Canada Halloween Spook-tacular. Happy Halloween!

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