Exclusive and Luxurious Entrance Doors from Art Boulle

Many people put a lot of effort into improving the curb appeal of their home – and for good reason. The façade of someone’s home provides the first impression to anyone who sees your home for the very first time. For the same reason we want to give a good impression in a job interview, we aim to showcase our homes in the best possible light because the home is an extension of ourselves, and it feels good when people acknowledge our efforts to make a beautiful home. To that end, entry doors go a long way towards creating an impressive façade for any home, especially the grand entry doors that can be found in the Art Boulle showroom (No. 41 and 42).



With an eye for artistic luxurious design, the grand entry doors from Art Boulle are imposing and impossible to ignore. Whether the main material used to manufacture the door is iron or wood, each door features impressively intricate and detailed designs; and by treating each door as an empty canvas to use to create a beautiful work of art, the Art Boulle entry doors are unique and exclusive. So when you’re looking to create an idiosyncratic façade for your home, installing a door from Art Boulle is a good place to start. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the impressively beautiful entrance doors from Art Boulle.





This is the Coleccionista entrance door, and it is inspired by the great work of Edgar Brandt. Brandt was a French ironworker who created opulent lamps, ceiling fixtures, lamps, console tables, and so much more. The Coleccionista exhibits a lavish display of pine cones and needles as its primary design feature. Like some of Edgar Brandt’s work, the metalwork on this door evokes the natural world with the curvy lines, as opposed to straight ones. An arch frames the double door, which opens independently of the larger frame. Also of note is the trompe l’oeil panels within panels, which suggest a flatter, more geometric tendency.





Say hello to the Manhattan door. This magnificent entrance door is adorned with protruded curved iron bars of many different lengths and thicknesses. It is the notable feature of this door, not only because of the look, but also the seeming simplicity of the design. At first glance, this door seems like it has a simple symmetrical design made up of a few iron bars. However, on closer inspection, the placement of the bars offers a dramatic interplay of light and shadow.





This is the Metropolitan entrance door. Right off the bat, the most distinct feature of this door is the way in which it plays with shapes. The interplay of small and large squares, circles, and crosses creates a striking overall design. With the reflective surfaces of the materials used in the design, this door absolutely shines.


Times Square



The Times Square door is one of the most visually intriguing doors you’ll see because it is, without doubt, a work of modern art. With a number of copper, stainless steel and wood geometric figures placed sporadically throughout the face of this door, the Times Square door evokes the visually stimulating styles of abstract art. What seems random is actually deliberate in its artistic vision. This door looms large in the eyes of those who see it not only because of its size, but also its unforgettable design.





The Plaza door takes its cues from medieval castles of old. Indeed, it is impossible to look at this entrance door and not be lured back to times of knights, kings and princesses. It is also impossible to not appreciate the finer details of the door. It is made up of mainly wood, but it has metal details inserted throughout the face of the door; and with the slightly weathered hue of the red, this door looks like a treasure out of the past.





Finally, we will talk about the Cubista entrance door. This striking wood door gives any entrance a commanding presence. The design of this door is composed of wood squares that overlap and interlace to create a mesmerizing design. It should come as no surprise to anyone with this door when guests to your home spend most of their visit appreciating the Cubista door.


When you’re looking for a luxurious and exclusive front door that makes the façade of your home pop with elegance and artistic beauty, Art Boulle should be one of your destinations. The unique, artistic designs coupled with high-quality iron and wood make the entry doors at Art Boulle one-of-a-kind.


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