Choosing Between Granite, Marble and Quartz for your Kitchen Countertop

When you are in the market for a new countertop, you’ll hear about different materials like marble, quartz, granite and other types of stone. While you may not know the difference between all of them, there are some better than the others for your particular needs. There are positives and negatives attached to all types that you should be aware of before you go ahead and pick. Through this article, we are going to go through the positives and negatives of granite, marble and quartz so you can choose the countertop to fits your lifestyle.

quartz countertop


Quartz is a natural mineral composed of silicon and oxygen and is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. Quartz countertops are made by grinding natural quartz into dust and combining it with other materials like resins and polymers which bind the quartz together to make it hard and durable.


Durability - The main reason people pick quartz for countertops is due to its high durability. It does not easily chip, crack and scratch. Easily Maintained - Another big reason people choose to purchase quartz countertops is that they require little to no maintenance and do not need to be sealed. Appearance - Quartz countertops can be manufactured to create just about any design or colour one could want, so they can go with any space. Non-Porous - Quartz countertops do not have any pores on their surface so spills can`t penetrate the surface and stain the countertop.


Hard to Install - Unless you have worked with quartz before, the installation will require the help of skilled professionals

Susceptible to Heat - While quartz is heat resistant, the other materials it is constructed with are not so cookware could melt and damage the countertop.

Indoor Use Only - Quartz countertops can only be installed inside due to direct sunlight causing discolouring.

marble countertop


Marble is a metamorphic rock that is composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals like calcite or dolomite. Marble countertops are made from slabs of marble and give off a beautiful texture while adding a sense of grandeur to any room.


Appearance - The opulent look of marble is one of its largest qualities. Any room with marble gives off a look of sophistication and beauty.

Natural Materials - Marble is a naturally occurring stone that is a rather common material that can be found around the globe. Ups

Property Value - Any home with marble features in good condition will increase its overall value.

Long Life If Maintained Properly - If maintained properly, marble countertops can last for an extremely long time.

Unique - Because it is a natural stone, no two pieces of marble are the same.


Expensive - The luxurious look of marble can be quite costly and is overall more expensive than other options.

Heavy - Being a natural stone, marble is incredibly heavy, making it necessary to have professional workers and equipment for installation.

Porous - Unlike quartz, marble is not nonporous so spills can easily seep into marble countertops and cause stains.

Delicate - Marble is a softer stone so it is more vulnerable to cracks and scratches.

granite countertop


Granite is a type of felsic intrusive igneous rock that is granular in texture. Granite countertops are made from slabs of granite and come in a broad range of patterns and colours while being very durable. Granite countertops will both make your home look beautiful and increase its resale value.


Appearance - Being a natural stone, granite will give any room natural beauty and an upscale look.

Durability - Granite is extremely hard, making it hard to scratch or crack its surface.

Maintenance - Cleaning and maintaining granite is simple and it only needs to be sealed once every three years. Unique - Like marble, there are no two slabs of granite that are exactly alike.


Cost - While you can find granite at a variety of prices, you will also have to pay for installation, making it a little more costly.

Porous - Like marble, granite isn`t nonporous, if you spill anything onto granite countertops it can seep into the material and cause stains.

Weight - While not as heavy as marble, granite is still very heavy and will require the employment of professionals to install.

As you can see there are many positives and negatives attached to each choice. If you want something breathtaking, there is marble, but maintenance could be a problem. If you want something durable that will last for some time, quartz is a great choice but is difficult to install. Finally, there is granite, which like marble, is both beautiful and difficult to maintain.

There are many things to consider, like how and where will you be using the countertop, do you have a large family and do you mind putting in a little extra work for maintenance. There will be a different answer depending on your situation, so weigh your options and consider what you want out of your countertop.

When picking a new countertop you want to make sure you pick the right material for your situation. If you’re still having a hard time deciding on a countertop for your space, we invite you to visit Improve Canada, Canada’s largest home improvement centre. We have over 350 showrooms with 5 of those having beautiful countertops.

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