Marketplace Toronto

On Tuesday, April 4, 2017 Marketplace International will be hosting a special open house and conference at Canada’s largest home improvement shopping mall, Improve Canada. Marketplace International is proud to host this special event designed to congregate the provinces top innovators, real estate executives and home improvement business leaders to officially announce the launch of the Canadian Real Estate Marketplace Exhibition which will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from May 16 to 18, 2017.

Marketplace International will be hosting this special conference and media day to proudly announce their first North American show in Canada’s leading real estate market, Toronto. The real esate expo will be connecting national leaders in real estate, innovation, investment, brokerage and home improvement and is proudly supported by many major sponsors: the City of Markham, Tridel, Habitat for Humanity GTA, Lennar, and Surprise, Arizona. 

Marketplace International is a new business launch under the parent company Top Expo Group, an internationally acclaimed firm that has generated billions of dollars in real estate transactions. Marketplace International President Mohammed Qadoumi, photographed with Mayor Frank Scarpetti of Markham, selected Toronto because he envisions our city becoming a world leader for innovation, real estate and economic growth. "Toronto is the right place at the right time for our first-ever Canadian International Real Estate Marketplace because Toronto is the most innovative, attractive and fastest growing city in the world," Qadoumi said.

Marketplace is committed to providing unprecedented opportunities:

  • To acquire new domestic and international clients;
  • To network with international investors;
  • To gain insights about the national and international real estate markets from industry leaders; and 
  • To raise your brand profile. 

When asked why Marketplace International is launching now, Qadoumi explained: "This is the right place. This is the right time. Together, we have a tremendous opportunity to transform Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area into a leading world-class city that has the potential to become as iconic and economically formidable as London, England. We have spent over a year campaigning around the world to invite over 100,000 high net worth individuals, investors, and industry professionals to come to Toronto, Canada to fulfill their financial and commercial dreams in this burgeoning world-class city." 

For more information about the Marketplace International event in Toronto, visit the Canadian International Real Estate Marketplace website: www.marketplacetoronto.com





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