6 Tips for Making your Backyard look its Best this Summer

Summer is the season for improving your backyard! When your backyard looks good, you will love spending time outdoors entertaining guests with your fabulous garden parties! Make the most of summer this year by putting these decorative tips to good use.


Landscaping is so much more than simply mowing the lawn and plucking out those nasty weeds. It's about designing the perfect garden and then maintaining it. The good news is that proper planning means that your garden will flourish and look great with minimal care. A professional landscaper will be able to recommend trees, plants, and flowers for every corner of your garden as well as other features like fountains. They will turn your garden into a true paradise, and they can also be responsible for regular maintenance if you don't have the time or energy yourself. Plants and trees will need to be trimmed on a regular basis and it's also important to follow the appropriate fertilizing and mulching routine. If you have any pets or young children, remember to ask your landscaper about the plants they are planning on introducing to your yard. Some plants and flowers are toxic to pets and children which is why they should be avoided.

Decorative Stones


Stones can be used in various areas of your backyard. They are available in many shapes, colours and sizes. This makes it that much easier to find the right stone to suit your garden. Make pathways a pleasure by using stylish stones. You can choose a single colour or you can use several colours if you prefer. Stone walkways around your garden will make every stroll an adventure! Not to mention the fact that they are really practical since you can walk on a clean pathway without worrying about stepping in dirt or mud.



Interlocking stones are both stylish and durable. Your average concrete will not look good for long. As for asphalt, it's not the most appealing in terms of style. Plain concrete or asphalt will not do much for the appeal of your home. When investing in a new interlocking, you will enjoy both immediate and long-term benefits. In the future, if and when you decide to sell your home, it will be that much more appealing to potential buyers.

Decks and Pergolas


When you want a spot to relax in your yard, you can't go wrong with a deck or pergola. There is something about that wood finish that makes these garden additions blend in perfectly with their natural surroundings. Even if painted, you can be sure that your deck or pergola will be the most frequently visited area in your yard. Even if you are not sure about whether or not you can incorporate a deck into your garden plans, it's good to note that they can be designed to suit your needs. Pergolas offer great relief from the harsh rays of the sun. Set some furniture underneath and you can enjoy the fresh air without having the heat get the better of you.

Railings and Fencing


Railings and fencing can serve more than one purpose. Not only will they add style, but they can also help prevent accidents. Railings are great for navigating steps and you can use fencing to protect your plants and flowerbeds. Remember, railings are available in various sizes and styles so choose the design or designs that suit your garden.

Patio Furniture and Covers


In order to make your patio more appealing, you should invest in the right furniture. Outdoor furniture differs significantly from indoor furniture. Patio covers are also an excellent investment for comfort and they offer great protection against the elements. The sun and rain can really take its toll on any kind of outdoor furniture which is why it's best to set your chairs and tables in a shaded area.

Remember, your backyard is your personal space and, above all, you need to be happy with the way it looks. Additional to everything mentioned above, you can also consider adding garden lighting. There is nothing better than enjoying a summer stroll in the garden at night. Garden lights come in all shapes and sizes. There are even solar powered lights which mean that you don't need to worry about running electric cables.


Finally, don't forget about the importance of maintaining your home. If your garden looks great but your home needs a coat of paint, new drainpipes, or the siding needs to be replaced, it can ruin the look of your entire yard. The good news is that you can find everything you need to spruce up your garden by searching our directory at Improve Canada, Canada’s largest home improvement mall!


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