10 Ways to Create a Backyard Getaway

Imagine finding yourself in a space that caters to all of your home improvement needs all at once, a space equipped with all of the stores necessary to make your house finally feel like a home. Maybe it’s time to take a visit to a one-of-a-kind, one-stop-shop mall located right here in Ontario.

Improve Canada is one of the first Canadian home improvement malls inspired by the likes of other international epicentres. Forget about the countless trips to several stores and spending money on travel time and costs for each and every one of your home improvement needs. We all know how difficult it can be to find the right materials, let alone companies, to turn to when trying to revamp a personal space, so why waste time and money on generic pieces every home has, when you can find what works for you, on your budget, with a multitude of options that satisfy all your needs.

This summer Improve wants to help you make a beautiful summer getaway in your own backyard (visit TruNorth Deck for ideas). Let’s take your wine nights, family barbeques, pool parties, and game days to another level with the help of some of Improve’s outdoor showrooms that specialize in outdoor furnishings, lighting fixtures, patios, and so much more. Let's start with:


1. Create A Strong Foundation To Frame Your Space:

Looking to frame your deck with new panels that really encompass a rich summer vibe? Improve Mall has a number of stores which focus on panelling, creating beautiful enclosures, and moulding the perfect outdoor landscape for your home. Whether it's a gazebo, patio cover, sunroom, or hot tub enclosure, there are a handful of stores that cater to building a foundation necessary for your backyard (you can visit the following stores for interlocking: Unique Interlocking & Design Center or Unilock). From the Liga Group, Burton Exteriors, or Matt’s Landscaping, Improve is where every homeowner should start if they plan to make the right changes to their home.

2. Make Cooking Feel Fabulous with New Outdoor Appliances:

Summer is the perfect time to throw down a mean meal on your favourite barbeque or stovetop. Grilling your favourite foods just got a lot easier, and more enjoyable, thanks to stores like Best Brand Appliances and Toronto Home Comfort, which specialize in affordability and sleek appearances. Add the best cooking appliances to your backyard so that you can feel like you’re eating at the finest steakhouse in West Hollywood every time dinner is served.

3. Implement Beautiful Surfaces and Countertops:

So you’ve just cooked up an amazing meal on a dazzling outdoor stove and grill only to lay it out onto that stained wooden countertop you inherited from the previous homeowner. That simply will not do. Your backyard isn’t complete without perfect countertops and surfaces that bring out the aesthetic that is aligns with the vision you have for your backyard. You can find beautiful marble and sleek granite pieces that you'll be proud to serve food on at your next BBQ party at Surfaces For All Purposes.

4. Add a Stunning Touch of Simplicity With Snazzy Lighting Fixtures:

Sometimes less is more when you want to bring something different into your home. A simple addition such as basic outdoor lighting fixtures will not only brighten your outdoor space when the evening comes, but will also introduce an interesting topic for discussion. Improve has a lineup of stores that sell unique lighting fixtures, so running out of options won’t be a problem in this department.

5.Bring Patio Season Out of the Restaurant & Into Your Home:

Everyone’s favourite part of summer is hanging out on a patio with friends and family, right? So why pay travel costs and go the distance for an experience you can create in the comfort of your home? Stores like Ideal Sofa Canada and Ji Patio have many beautiful, custom made and pre-designed pieces for your eyes to gawk over. The comfort of their items is tough to match, and the ability to give you a redesigned patio will leave you and your guests sitting in chic, yet snug, lounge pieces.

6. Compliment Your Scenery with an Outdoor Fireplace:

Indoor fireplaces are all the rave, but how many people can say they have an outdoor fireplace that can warm up their backyard at night? Fireplaces are a beautiful addition inside or outside a home, and it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing centrepieces in a space. They make a great extension for your household and can create an ambience that's akin to lounging around at your favourite resort getaway.

7. Bring On Enchantment With A New Gazebo:

An addition to your backyard, like a gazebo or a sunroom, is known to take up a fair share of space, but that addition is not as drab or plain as we often make it out to be. Adding lights, flowers, vines, and an assortment of other outdoor accessories to a gazebo will make it look elegant and enchanting. Enhancing an outdoor addition happens to be a speciality for the people at Liga Group. Set yourself up with an array of accessories and sitting in your gazebo can make you feel like you’re sitting beneath the Eiffel Tower.

8. Go Big with Elegant or Themed Pieces:

If you’re willing to spend a little extra, a sure-fire way to make a statement, or create a strong aura for your home, is by purchasing elegant or themed decorative pieces. Having worked with a number of global clients, Artemis Studio and  Art Boulle have mastered the skill of creating custom, ornate pieces that add an element of luxuriousness to a home. Creating columns, pediment flowers, beautiful artwork and more to give buyers complete opulence is always a guarantee with these companies.

9. Feel Like You’re In the Tropics with Floral Arrangements:

Improve has two floral landscaping stores that put together stunning arrangements for any home. Hannah Flower & Landscaping and Plnty cater to the floral market, and they supply their customers with the most visually alluring plants for their outdoor scenery. With so many beautiful floral arrangements to choose from, you can transform your space into a beautiful British garden or a tropical paradise.

10. Take A Dip in Your New Pool Or Relax in a Jacuzzi:

Some days we all wish we were lounging in South Beach, or dipping into the crystal blue waters of the Maldives. The problem is that it's not always easy to take the time off to go to these places. So why not invest in a crystal clear pool or bubbly jacuzzi to bring those tropical destinations to your home? What backyard wouldn’t feel like the ultimate getaway with a gorgeous pool? Fortunately enough, a number of stores in Improve Mall, like Barrier Reef Fibre Glass Pools, Canadian Spa International, and Leisure Pools, can cater to all of your outdoor aquatic needs, and they also offer a surplus of spa options.

Redesigning your home should not only be fun, but it should also be convenient. That’s where Improve comes in, because it was uniquely designed with all of the stores necessary to help bring your vision of the perfect backyard to life. Experience home improvement like you never have before, and transform your backyard into your personalized utopia!

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