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UpMaid Technologies Inc.

Tired of looking for a quality Services company you can count on? We are committed to helping with your family's safety and trust in mind.

 UpMaid Technologies is a company that offers you different services. We are the leading Canadian manufacturer of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting solutions for residential and commercial use! 



We are specialized in customized cleaning schedules that are flexible, giving you the option of engaging our services for daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly cleaning.  Let’s make a clean place that much easier.

Even though with this difficult time, Cleaning services like ours have become more important but at the same time, you can doubt about having people from the outside. Trust us, we are professionals, we know what we do, and we have special products and equipment to help you out to eliminate viruses and bacteria. That’s the reason we are here doing our part to focus on the health and safety of our clients by using eco-friendly cleaning products. Our Cleaning & Disinfection team is ready to support you, making sure you have the best disinfection and Sanitization services!



In 2019, UpMaid decided to develop their own Cleaning Products for modern times, the process began much BEFORE the COVID-19 pandemic hit and changed our world. With the hard work, skills and expertise we produced safe, reliable, eco-friendly, CFIA and Health Canada approved cleaning solutions for the open market. Our Clients have been very satisfied with the quality of our products and cleaning processes, we take pride in being a Canadian-based product company producing genuinely safe, eco-friendly and natural products.


Don’t worry about it, we are ready to support you by making sure you will be in a spotless and sterile place. That’s why you need to make sure that your facilities are safe and healthy environments, both for your staff or visitors. This is especially true in light of the increased focus on health since the spread of COVID-19. 

Now you know why we create a company that demands all you need in just one place, don’t forget we are here to make your life Better, Healthier, & Safer.


Be Safe Now, Thanks us later


UpMaid is multiple services providing company, and you can check it here, Office 385: 

Check our social media or websites for more information: 

Cleanings & Disinfection:  https://www.upmaid.com 

Cleaning & Disinfection Products: www.upmaidmfg.com


Contact Us

647 906 6243
7250 Keele Street, Unit: 385
Vaughan, ON L4K 1Z8

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