Reno-Art Contracting

Reno-Art Contracting provide commercial & residential construction, interior renovation, painting, design & build custom home services within Ontario.

Residential :

Reno-Art offers an inclusive home-building experience. When you choose us to build your home, you will have access to everyone from the designer and builder, to the framer, the plumber, electrician, and finisher. This will ensure there are no surprises during the build process, and you will get the house you want, with the level of finish and features you need. Guaranteed.

Interior Renovation :

At Reno-Art we take pride in our beautifully designed home renovations with a fair price.We offer all sorts of installations and remodeling expert contractors to take on any kind of projects of any interior, kitchen, bathroom, attic, basement renovation that you may need; these include demolition, removal, and disposal of the existing floors and walls, leveling, electrical and plumbing services, installations, painting, lighting and more.

Painting :

From concept to completion, Reno-Art provide clients with an array of decorative and interior painting services coupled with a personal touch. Each member of Reno-Art team are specialized paint professionals in their own fields of expertise. From custom painting for house to wood staining, artistic expressions, wall coverings, colour consultation and exterior painting each collective associate member provides a professional and convenient service to our clientele.

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7250 Keele Street, Unit: 336
Vaughan, ON L4K 1Z8

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