Armopanel™ stay in place formwork system for insulated and/or reinforced concrete walls is a new generation in the ICF industry. This panellized 3-dimensional formwork is now widely used in the residential, commercial, transport and industrial spheres for the construction of any insulated and non-insulated walls.

Armopanel™ formwork consists of the following components:

  1. Standard (4’x8’) polystyrene sheets (EPS or XPS) with thickness of 2”, 4” or 6”.

  2. Horizontal or vertical metal meshes that space the polystyrene sheets.

  3. Polypropylene caps that fasten the metal meshes to the polystyrene panels.

    The manufacturers of Armopanel™ perforate the rigid polystyrene sheets to facilitate their assembly into the three dimensional module. Precise perforating equipment is used for this purpose.

    The three-dimensional module of the Armopanel™ formwork can be either assembled directly on the construction site or ordered from the manufacturer in an assembly kit of Armopanel™ components. These modules are used for installation of reinforcement and the erection of concrete walls in accordance with local building codes.

    In addition to the plain Armopanel™ panels, there is a variety of other Armopanel™ panels available to the builder, including: Corner panels (panels for the corners of the building), T- panels (for intersection of two walls), brick ledge panels (concrete ledge for support of various structural members).

    The panels can be used for the erection of walls with concrete thickness of 4” to 14”.
    Special Armopanel™ connecting meshes are used to link adjacent modules together and reduce the number of vertical bracing. In addition, with the help of these Armopanel™ connecting meshes, a wall of any height can be erected.

    In general, the Armopanel™ system is designed to prevent bulging, twisting and warping of the concrete walls.

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