Event details
Dec. 9, 2017 — Dec. 9, 2017
1PM - 3PM

Toronto Home Club Presents - RenoMasks

Toronto Home Club is back at Improve Canada on Saturday, December 9, 2017 for their Holiday Home Show event: RenoMasks, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Canada! The event will take place in the main foyer in Improve from 1PM - 3PM. It will bring together many experts in the home improvement space, including some of our very own vendors.



The fun in this event will be trying to figure out which presenter is behind the mask. There will be prizes for those who can guess correctly. We encourage everyone who is coming out to participate by bringing a fun, interesting mask of their own. We hope to see you there! 



If you'd like more information on Toronto Home Club, you can visit their website at www.torontohomeclub.ca, or you can call them at (647)528-7210.  

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