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Sept. 30, 2017 — Oct. 1, 2017
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Tile & Mosaic Sales Event

From Saturday, September 30, to Sunday October 1, 2017, Improve Canada will be having its Tile & Mosaic sales event. Many of our wonderful tile and mosaic vendors will be providing discounts on their fantastic products and services. Whether you’re looking to change the dated tiles in your kitchen, or you want to beautify your bathroom by installing a mosaic on the walls, this is the sales event for you.


Stay posted to the Improve Canada website for more details on the sale items.



Participating vendors:


Artistic Mosaic & Co. (unit 70)

- 20% off an all custom artistic items.


Canaroma (units 231/232/249)

- FAP Luminato Matte. Ray 12 x 22" wall. Regular price: $7.95/square foot. Sale price: $4.95/square foot.

- RAK Newport Grey Matte. 24 x 24" floor. Regular price: $7.95/sf. Sale Price: $3.99/sf.

- FAP Luminato polished. Curve 10 x 30" wall. Regular price: $8.95/sf. Sale price: $5.95/sfLine 10 x 30" wall. Regular price: $8.95/sf. Sale price: $5.95/sfFlat 10 x 30" wall. Regular price: $7.95/sf. Sale price: $4.95/sf.

- FAP Supernatural Polished. Argento 12 x 36" wall. Regular price: $13.95/sf. Sale price: $8.95/sf. Argento 24 x 24" floor. Regular price: $12.95/sf. Sale price: $8.95/sf. Argento 30 x 30" floor. Regular price: $14.95/sf. Sale price: $9.95/sf.


CozyHome Kitchen & Bath (unit 225)

- 40% off on all mosaic tile backsplashes.


De'corner (unit 299)

30% discount on all items, like unique backslashes, and impressive mosaics.


Glam Decor (unit 137)

40% off on all in-stock marble mosaic medallions.


Marco Polo Tiles (unit 229)

- Tiles for $1.99 per square foot. Regular price: $4.99 per square foot.


ORRO Artistic Tile (unit 359)

60% off regular price on in-stock items.

- 30% off on popular mosaic products.


Pyramid Home Improvement & Renovation (unit 111)

All Tiles and Mosaic 15% OFF the Regular Prices.


Surfaces For All Purposes (unit 374)

10% off all large 5'x10' Italian porcelain slabs.


Talissa Decor (units 110/145)

- All the Polystyrene tiles are on sale.Regular price - $4 per tile. Sale price - 25% off - $3 per tile.

- 3D wall tiles (bamboo pulp). Regular price - $210. Sale price - 20% off - $168.



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