Alex Dymov

Our endless Universe is full of galaxies. Those galaxies are made of chemical elements creating the beauty of natural materials. Alex Dymov of Galaxy Decor builds the bridge between natural beauty and homes. From Austrian Swarovski crystals & Baltic amber to Japanese pearl, Persian turquoise & Indian gemstone, he creates unique surfaces. A mystical transition from flat wall to artwork that is both affordable and impressive.

A technological innovation in creating a magical beauty on your walls with Galaxy Decor's revolutionary formula, including specs of crystals, shells, minerals, and epoxy. You'll truly experience new heights in luxury living with their prestigious designs. Unique and customized artworks with a stunning, touchable decor solution will transform your house. Alex provides an incredible solution for highly impressive and affordable decorations for walls, ceilings, columns, arches, and fireplaces. Give him a call at (647) 528-7210.

Specialty: Wall Coverings
Languages spoken: English

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