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Improve's Interior Designers

Save money and make unique and sophisticated looks with the help of our interior designers. Here are a few benefits of working with one of our designers:

  • Save money (get designers' discounted prices)
  • Professional assessment
  • Get the right people to do the work for your project
  • Surprise your guest with a WOW Factor
  • Make the right aesthetic decision
  • Finish the project on time and on budget
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Have fun during the process

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Yvonne Whelan

Over the last 10 years Yvonne has established a reputation for cultivating beautiful spaces that transform your living or office area and fulfill your design desires.

By listening to clients' needs and wishes, Yvonne works to create everyday beauty, livability, and comfort in your home.

Paul Semkuley

With a keen eye for what’s fashionable and stylish, Paul Semkuley uses his skills and education as a fashion stylist in people’s homes. He takes a client’s existing furniture and accessories and works his magic, changing mundane into something fabulous.

His educational background – a BAA in Merchandising Communications from Ryerson University – taught him the subtle nuances of fashion and style. His tenure at the renowned clothier Holt Renfrew helped him refine his talent. He soon established a clientele of high profile socialites, executives and celebrities. His reputation as a personal stylist helped him build relationships with influential people throughout the city and abroad.

Sergei Vaisman

Sergei strives to not impose his taste, but rather understand the person he is working with, showcase all the available styles and design trends, and then decide which working direction to take, together plunging into a creative process no matter what the planning to design — a house, an office, a retailspace, a restaurant or a room in a home.

In addition to interior design, he can also help you choose the finishes and upgrades for your new home, plan and produce professional drawings of your basement complete with layout and design ideas, provide home staging and decorating services prior to selling your home and take professional pictures of it — saving you time and money, so that you won’t have to find and coordinate different people to accomplish your project.

Sonata Swan

Sonata has many years of experience with helping clients achieve their dream home. From homes, to condos and commercial properties, Sonata has brought her unique vision to many projects and created something amazing.

Sonata specializes in custom designs that are truly one-of- a-kind. She works closely with her clients to ensure that they are getting something that will love for years to come.

Sara Augenblick

Sara has over 15 years of experience designing custom window coverings to help enhance any space. She has a Bachelor of Arts from York University, and she is a certified interior decorator by Seneca College. She is also certified by Hunter Douglas.

She has done work for a number of high-profile clients, including Sick Kids, Yuk Yuks, Ricoh Colosseum, and Maple Leaf Sports Bar to name a few. As leader in the field of innovative and beautiful window coverings design, Sara has solutions that can suit virtually any need.

Mina Zeighami

Mina graduated with Bachelors of Interior Design from Ryerson School and holds a Bachelors of Interior Architecture from University of Tehran. Presently, she takes courses at Ryerson University of Architecture and George Brown College Decorating Courses. Safe to say she lives and breathes design.

Mina’s philosophy is that you should love where you live and work. This philosophy guides all of her design choices, and has led to spectacular results for her clients.