The Know Your Reno Podcast

The KNOW YOUR RENO podcast is excited to announce its launch! If you're looking to get started on your next home renovation project, listening to industry experts is a great way to gain insight and advice. This podcast is the perfect resource for anyone looking to renovate their home.


With episodes that feature expert advice from seasoned builders and renovators, tips on how to make your project budget go further, and how to choose the right professionals and materials, this podcast has everything you need to get started on your next home renovation project.



This season you will learn how to plan your renovation from start to finish, as well as how to create your perfect outdoor oasis, plan a kitchen renovation, and understand how to work with designers, architects, and general contractors to build your dream home. You will also hear about the importance of creating healthy homes, air quality, and smart home innovations. So whether you're just starting to think about renovating or you're already in the thick of it, be sure to check out the KNOW YOUR RENO podcast for all the information you need.


Tune in every week for the knowledgeable, experienced advice you need to get started on your next home renovation project. And don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode!


Watch the full episode on our YouTube Channel here or listen on all major streaming platforms linked below 🎙

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