Get a Stylish High-end Door for Your Property’s Entryway

An entrance is one of the most personal parts of your home. It is the reflection of a lifetime of hard work and accomplishments, so it should be as special as you are. Whether you believe it or not, a visitor will make a judgement, even unconsciously, from the front door of your home. This introduction may not say much if we are talking about a regular door, but it will definitely make a statement if we are talking about a masterpiece. Hence, considering this is the first impression you want to make, it is worth considering thinking out of the box, aiming for uniqueness. Irrespective of which part of Canada you reside in, get custom exterior doors in Canada built exactly the way you want with Art Boulle.

If you already own a home or are in the process of building a custom home, just imagine stepping outside and walking a few steps from the front door. What does it say? If it says, “ordinary”, regard the idea and go to a custom exterior door expert.

When it comes to luxury exterior doors in Toronto, resort to the best materials that go in their making. Whether you want a metal or a wooden door, make sure that the final product is perfectly shaped and constructed flawlessly. Hire experienced and master craftsmen to deliver your dreams with accurate workmanship, valuable materials and detailed design.


luxurious customizable exterior door in toronto


Metal or Wooden - Choose Whatever Suits You Best

Do you prefer a warm touch of the refined surface of wood or would you rather the solid and strong image that cast metal provides? Be it hardwood, brass, cast iron, bronze, gold gilded or aluminum, it has to be best in class. Whatever idea may be swimming in your mind for front custom doors, just let an expert know and then watch how the handmade creations come alive. Regardless of what you are building the door with, the front of your home needs to be adequately strong to resist the chilling blows of the Windy City and its snowfall as well as rain. They have to be energy-efficient so that they do not permit the summer’s heat or the winter’s cold, in other words, they must isolate your property from the exterior elements.

One reason why people put up handmade wooden doors of white oak or mahogany is the variation of the grain pattern, which varies from one tree to another. This can make every exterior wood door Canada one-of-a-kind. What about fading? When your door faces east or north, you can ignore the doubt of fading. But, when it faces south, it is bound to fade. However, this too has a solution. You can sand it down and refinish it. For a robust and beautiful entryway, combine elaborately carved wooden doors with ceramics, leather, metal, stones and more.

Since wood is not the only choice for front doors, handmade metal doors are also an attractive option. You can trust them for strength, efficacy and durability. Integrate them with wood or tempered glass to bring in the much-desired beauty to your property’s exteriors. The designs on front doors give an ornamental mien to your entire residential space.

Whether you choose a wooden or a metal cast door, you can always customize it to attain the preferred size.

custom exterior door in toronto

The Home and its Surroundings Matter

Considering a custom modern front door or a traditional counterpart, you cannot ignore the age of the house. Yes, true, the design of your door depends on your choice. But, entry doors should also breathe the image of the house. An ornamental classical metal door will unquestionably look better at an old house displaying stone details than at a modern one. In some particular exemptions, design experts have even combined modern doors with traditional facades, or vice versa; although this is not an easy task, luxury designers have done it with spectacular results. It is quite understandable if you are confused about the exact design. In such cases, click a photo of your home and share it with your exterior designer.

custom exterior doors made in toronto

Customization is the Key

Tailor the door’s look as per your preferences. Play with colours, materials, window shapes, ornamentation and more to ensure the door is exactly how you want it to be. The unique pieces are worth taking note of and every time a guest looks at your door, they will want to install a similar one at their own home. You are unique, so why should your Toronto custom entry door not be exclusive?

customizable doors made in toronto

Pivot Systems

A work of excellence and proof of pinnacle in the architecture field, the pivot door transcends time and quality. Your exterior door and its frame will float in pivot hinge systems since this unique alternative to regular hinges, can delineate perfection when crafted by talented hands. An Art Boulle door, in wood, glass, antique or steel entry doors in Toronto, installed as an entryway will help you realize soon that they are soundproof, wind- and waterproof as well as draft-proof. If you are anxious about the door’s role in protecting you from a burglar attack, you can rest assured.

These doors can bring you uncontested safety. We offer industry best standards like HÄFELE and FritsJurgens that originated in Germany. The systems can support up to 500 KG and are completely maintenance-free for the next 136 years.

luxury custom exterior door made in toronto

It feels good to adorn your home with a custom luxury front door. With your personal stylish statement, an Art Boulle door welcomes you and keeps you and your family safe.

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